The Snevets Stories 2

Snevets went around the house. We followed close, but not conspicuous. He was looking for a window, no doubt. Something to make it into the house by. “Make it into by” pay attention to the phrase. Snevets was wicked with phrases. We came around the corner in time to see his feet disappearing into the house. I said watch out, this is not like Snevets. Something must be up. At least we know he’s in the house. Spread out. Circle the place. You know the signal if he tries to break our perimeter. No mistakes on this one, we might not get this chance again. We waited for a long time. Snevets was going to make it hurt.

Dark came. I was circling the perimeter checking endurance. It was failing. Desperate, I snuck on to the porch. The house was lit inside–nobody in the front room. I decided to scale the porch to look into the second story windows. I’m old and tired. I swore at Snevets under my breath. His name was perfect to curse, and its language took over making it hard to climb. Looking in the second story window, I saw Snevets standing over a desk in a study. Under him was a small girl, no more than thirteen, writing. I saw Snevets’ mouth moving. He was dictating to her. The pencil looked enormous in her small hand. How long could they keep this up? We had been waiting for five hours. What were they writing? Neither of them looked tired. Snevets hadn’t even loosened his tie. He spoke slowly, and was spelling some of the words. I could see him mouth them a letter at a time. Knowing Snevets, this could go on a while. I was going to have to relieve the men.

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